Making Holiday Visits with Seniors Easier

Many families can only get together a couple of times a year for big holiday celebrations. When family members see your older adult, they’re likely to be surprised by their current condition.

You see your senior all the time, so the way they appear and behave is normal to you. But for others, it can be quite a shock – especially if your older adult has declined since the last get-together. Being surprised could make family members irrationally angry, ignore your older adult, or insist on making unwise changes to their life.

Let family know what to expect ahead of time

Minimize this unwanted behavior by giving your family a heads-up about what to expect before holiday events. Educate them about your older adult’s condition, explain common behaviors, and suggest ways of interacting that will help your senior enjoy the family gathering.

Especially shocking changes

By now, you’re used to managing your older adult’s health needs and daily activities. For others, many of the things that are now a part of daily life can be strange and scary. These are some of the things you may need to warn family about ahead of time.

Some examples:

  • Significant weight loss or gain
  • Being in a wheelchair or relying heavily on a walker
  • Wearing disposable briefs and dealing with incontinence
  • Inability to do things for themselves, like eating or using the restroom
  • Unpredictable behavior or memory and cognitive problems caused by Alzheimer’s or dementia


You might feel like it’s unfair that you’re giving family plenty of warning about your older adult’s condition. After all, you had to cope with the changes as they happened.

But this heads-up message helps both you and your senior. Your older adult will be treated with greater care and respect. It will also reduce your anxiety about how people will react when they see your elderly loved one.

If you have noticed changes regarding your loved one that are concerning to you, Aegis is here to help. Please call us at 480-219-4790.

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