Home Health in Assisted Living

Home Health can be the solution for improving quality of life for senior living residents, by providing a wide range of health related services in the homes of seniors such as skilled nursing care, physical therapy, primary health care, occupational therapy, speech therapy, home health aides, etc.


A home health clinician provides information about specific chronic diseases, its symptoms and effects on the body, required monitoring and adherence, along with suggested lifestyle and behavior modifications.

Coordination with Physician Care Plan

Once diagnosed by a physician, home health clinician carries out a care plan in the senior living community. Patient identified and clinical goals are set, tracked, and reported back to the community’s wellness team, and the resident’s physician. When the home health program is completed, the tracking and reporting continues using the tools and education home health provided.

Integration with ALF Services

Often, the assisted living staff is a patient’s designated caregiver. Home health works in conjunction with your designated caregivers to monitor medication, therapy sessions, symptoms and more. When the home health program is completed, the assisted living staff can easily continue to support the patient and communicate with their physician.

Fewer Trips to the Hospital

When a patient and caregiver are educated about a chronic disease and able to monitor and manage symptoms, hospital visits are reduced. Aegis Home health can provide onsite and telephone support, and communication with the physician and the senior living community staff to help make any changes to the treatment plan, providing a coordinated care team.

At Aegis, we believe an educated and empowered patient has the confidence they need to manage their disease and become an active participant in their health. Providing home healthcare services where they call home; at your senior living community can help keep them on the right track with their plan of care.

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